The #2 Skincare Mistake to Avoid

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Do you know that our skincare needs to extend below our jawline?

Woman exfoliating her skin

The #2 skincare mistake most of us make is forgetting to care for our tender neck and chest area.

Yes, we know to take care of our face, but we think it ends at our jawline. It doesn't. It includes our neck and our chest area. So, really, your face starts at the hairline of your forehead and goes to above your bustline. Take care of the whole area, and don't forget the back of your hands. Always save a little bit of your skincare product to take care of this exposed and tender area as well.

Don't forget to use the Essense Neck and Bust Cream to treat this tender area. But also treat your neck and chest area to your regular skincare routine which includes your Annique Rooibos cleanser, Forever Young Revitalising Cream, your Annique Rooibos moisturiser or night cream, and, of course, your freshener.

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