3 Daily Habits for Great Skin!

Posted by Brenda Smit-James on

Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA - your daily habits have a significant impact too!

Here are three great simple daily habits:

1. Cleanse only at night.

2. Moisturize in the morning and apply a night cream at night.

3. Spritz morning and night with a freshener.

Over-cleansing your face will disturb its pH balance. It can cause the skin to become dry which results in the skin naturally releasing oils to compensate which, believe it or not, can result in increased oiliness.

Hydration is important for the skin to look supple and great. And, no, a moisturizer does not do the same work as a night cream. At night the metabolism of the cells close to the surface of your skin accelerates, and night creams are formulated differently to utilize this increased blood and oxygen supply.

Annique Rooibos Fresheners are wonders! Spritzing twice daily will help to balance your skin's pH, tighten pores and contribute to improving the skin's texture. Great skin is smooth and has a finer texture. As we age, the texture of our skin can thicken and our pores can enlarge. Your solution lies in an Annique Freshener.

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