Get Summer Confident Legs!

Posted by Brenda Smit-James on

Here's how to have summer confident legs all summer long!

No doubt we all know the horror of looking down at our legs while sitting in company at a summer barbeque and realising that the skin on our legs is scaly and dry.

How did that happen? Aren't dry legs related to winter dryness? No, the skin on our legs can be summer dry too. 

Have summer confident legs with these three Annique Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil products:

The Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil is the go-to quick dry oil for summer confident legs. Don't just nourish your legs but also help them heal from razor cuts and razor rash.


The Miracle Tissue Oil Body Butter is one of our best sellers for body hydration. This smooth body butter is quickly absorbed and feels, well, just heavenly!


Our latest summer confident product is the Miracle Tissue Oil Moisturising Skin Gel. This products is a must-have for summer confident legs. One application will last up to three days. It is a little oilier and does take a little longer to absorb but you won't be sorry!


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