Know When to Moisturize your Skin

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When should you moisturise your skin?

Knowing when to moisturise your skin is just as important as choosing a good moisturiser to moisturise your skin. Below, find seven situations that indicate it’s time to slather your skin with moisturiser.

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Use Moisturiser… In the Morning

Set your skin up for success by moisturising before you head out for the day. Moisturising should be the last step in your skincare routine before applying makeup, so don’t forget to use a face cream or lotion before applying your Annique Rooibos BB Cream.

Moisturise… Before Bed

Put your hard-earned beauty sleep to good use by applying a super-hydrating moisturising night cream before getting some shut-eye.

Use Moisturiser… Pre- and Post-Flight

The cabin of an airplane can have very dry air that may, in turn, dry out your skin. Apply moisturiser before taking off and once you have landed.

Use a Moisturiser… When You’re Breaking Out

The first thing you may think when an unwanted breakout occurs is that you need to remove all moisture from your skin. In reality, drying out your skin won’t do you any favors! Keeping your skin care routine consistent, including moisturising regularly, is always a good idea.

Use A Moisturiser… When You Feel Like Skipping Make-up

If you feel like going bare-faced, using a moisturizer is a great way to leave your skin looking fresh, hydrated, and natural.

Use A Moisturiser… Before Doing Your Make-up for A Night Out

Using a facial moisturiser will hydrate and smooth out your skin, giving you the ideal complexion for applying your make-up look of choice. Seriously, try it!

Make sure you’re choosing a moisturiser that works for your skin. Annique Rooibos has the perfect moisturisers that work for any kind of skin. 

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