About Annique

The Annique Story

Do you know the persistent cry of a discontented baby? Do you know the cry of a baby suffering from colic? Do you know what it is to have a baby that doesn't sleep through for more than 12 months straight? Annique Theron did. Her daughter Lorinda suffered with colic, cried almost incessantly and didn't sleep through for the first year of her life.

And on an April morning in 1968, Lorinda was crying again. Her bottle of milk was cold and so Annique Theron added Rooibos tea, which had been steeping on the stove, to the milk to warm it. Annique Theron was amazed that this bottle soothed and quietened her daughter, who afterwards slept for four consecutive hours, a first for her. After that, Annique Theron regularly gave her daughter Rooibos tea to drink as it calmed her and settled her colic.

Annique Theron, Founder of Annique Health & Beauty (Pty) Ltd

 As a result, Annique started to research Rooibos tea and discovered that its healing and anti-allergic properties were unknown. In 1971 Annique Theron started her Rooibos company bringing the benefits of Rooibos to women in a health shake. In 1973 she introduced her first three skincare products among them the Annique Revitalising Cream (now known as the Forever Young Revitalising Cream) and the Annique Moisturiser for Dry Skin (now known as the Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin). Both are still top selling Annique products!

In 1982, Annique introduced its own brand of Rooibos tea – a top quality tea with an unrivaled taste that sets it apart in Rooibos teas. In 1997 Annique Theron was the winner of the International Woman Inventor award in Geneva, Switzerland. And to think, it all started on an April morning with a harried, tired mother and a crying baby.

We are thankful to Annique Theron, our founder and the first person to formulate a skincare line with an exclusive Rooibos extract, inspiring us to take care of our skin. We are grateful to the Cape's Cederberg Mountains for their bounty of Rooibos, a plant loaded with unique healing properties.