The #3 Skincare Mistake We Tend to Do

Posted by Brenda Smit-James on

Do you give your skin the gentle touch?

Woman applying Annique moisturiser

The #3 skincare mistake we tend to do is to not treat our skin with a good dollop of TLC.

Rather, instead of the gentle touch, we apply skincare products with vigorous motion to our face. It is critical not to stretch the skin. When applying your moisturiser, Revitalising Cream, or exfoliator, take a small amount, dot it on to your skin, and then pat it gently into the skin. Don't rub it into your skin.

To be honest, I often see women failing to treat their skin gently. Instead, I have seen women applying their product as if they were rubbing out a mark of dirt. Rubbing the product into the skin does not help it to absorb better. Vigorous application stretches the skin and adds to the lines and wrinkles we are trying to minimize.

Remember, a little bit of tender loving care goes a long way, including on your skin.

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