4 Ways to Treat Enlarged Pores

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As we get older, our skin's natural production of collagen slows down and enlarged pores can become a problem as our pore walls slacken and look bigger.

Woman with a Rooibos masque on her face

Here are four ways you can help to reduce enlarged pores:

  1. Use an Annique Rooibos Freshener. My skin is virtually poreless and one of the reasons for this is my twice daily use of the Hydrafine Freshener. Annique's amazing fresheners help to balance the pH in your skin and minimize pores. The Freshener is not a miracle cure, but with consistent use, I believe that you will be happy with the results. I am.
  2. Exfoliate two to three times weekly. Exfoliating helps to remove excess sebum and dry skin cells that can clog pores causing them to swell and look bigger than they are. With regular exfoliation, the pores are cleared and will revert to their regular size. Annique has an enzymatic gel exfoliator and a cream exfoliator with small natural beads.
  3. Masque your skin and the best choice will be the Essense Detox Silk Masque. One of its key active ingredients is silt - an ingredient that will not only purify and detox your skin but will also help to reduce enlarged pores. Facial masques help to draw out impurities from pores, reducing their size.
  4. Use a product which boosts collagen production. This tightens skin and a tighter skin means smaller pores. The Forever Young Returnyouth contains bio-retinol an ingredient which is known to speed up cellular turnover. Another firm favorite is, of course, the Forever Young Revitalising Cream. It firms your skin, plain and simple.


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