Skincare and Selfcare for the Christmas Season

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Here are some Christmas skincare and selfcare tips to get you through the festive season without a hitch.

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The Christmas season can be more stressful than most of us would care to admit. We have gifts to buy, cookies to bake, dinners to plan, and family expectations to meet. Plus Covid adds its ongoing wrinkle to all of our plans!

Here are six simple gifts you can gift yourself and your skin this season:

  • Slow down and breathe
  • Keep the treats to a minimum
  • Drink less wine and more Rooibos-infused water
  • Take a walk and get fresh air
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Make the important things, the important things

Simple selfcare choices are the best way to boost your mental health, strengthen your body’s immunity, and give your skin a natural glow.


Our breath is a life force. Deep breathing invokes calm and patience. Shallow breathing is the result of rushing, busyness and anxiety. Be deliberate about taking time to slow down and breathe long, deep and calming breaths. 

Put Treats in Their Right Place

I'm a great advocate that treats are the spice of life. I love shortbread cookies, mincemeat pies, the marzipan on Christmas cake, and a warm glass of mulled wine. The trick is to put treats in their right place, as treats not as staples. Treats are the highlights in an ongoing healthy lifestyle that includes exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, eating healthy meals full of vegetables, and drinking lots of water and Rooibos tea.

Hydrate, and not just with Wine

A glass of merlot, a good book, a roaring fire and some chocolates. What more could a woman want this festive season? Well, water, water and more water. Our bodies are 70% water, which is why it is so important to make sure we stay hydrated, especially this season when we are likely to imbibe more alcohol, contributing to dehydration. Drinking enough water and Rooibos tea will keep us hydrated, help to flush harmful pathogens from our bodies, and cause our skin to glow, naturally.

Move Consistently, Every Day

In winter, I am more likely to slump at home and not get out to exercise like I do when the weather is dry, warm, and the sun rises earlier. Exercise is a great gift to give ourselves. Don't go light on exercise this festive season, find a routine that works for you and make space in your day to take care of your body. It can be as simple as a daily walk and exercises at home on a floor mat. Daily exercise firms the body, improves posture, and releases energy.

Prioritise Sleep

Your body is only truly at rest when you are sleeping. Sleep plays a crucial role in restoring energy levels, giving your body and skin time to recharge and repair, and supporting your immune system. When we are rested, we are also better able to be present to our families.

Take time to pamper your skin before bed with our Miracle Tissue Oil, Youth Restoring Masque, and one of our proven night creams. Indulge your skin with the Miracle Tissue Oil Body Butter and slip between the sheets with a cup of our night rest tea, Rooibos & Melissa Leaf.

Make the Important Things, the Important Things

A benefit of Covid is that it has helped us to realize what is important in life. What is most important in your life? Most likely, it is people and not things. Make special memories with your loved ones, put up the Christmas tree, sing songs, ice shortbread cookies, and let go of the things that heighten stress in your life.

Make the important ones in your life, important.

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