Feel Confident in your Skin with these Clean Skin Strategies!

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Glowing skin equals skin confidence, both confidence in our skin and confidence in the face that we present to the world.

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A good skincare routine is not only practical it is also 'me-time' to treat ourselves and replenish our reserves.

The basis of any skincare routine is to first cleanse the skin to remove makeup as well as any impurities, pollutants, perspiration, and dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin creating a dull complexion and blocking pores. Always go to bed with a clean skin (no matter how late it is), exfoliate weekly, and clean your skin as soon as possible after exercising to avoid blocked pores and breakouts. For that I always use Annique's Face Facts Crystal Clear Cleanser to cut through the salt and perspiration leaving my skin squeaky clean.

What about touching our faces?

I know that this has been a hot topic of late because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know not to do it because it transfers impurities, bacteria, and viruses onto our skin and through our eyes and mouth into the body. But this is the thing, we all do it and we all do it a lot. Why is that?

I've come to understand that we have pressure points on our face that, when we touch them, trigger the parasympathetic nervous system which is our internal way of coping. So, it is a natural thing to do, which is why we all do it. Consequently, I don't know that will ever not do it; it seems that it serves a good function. I think what we need to look at first is, are there times when we are doing it purely out of habit? Can we avoid doing that and do something else instead? Second, let's make sure our hands are clean so that when we do touch our faces we're not transferring impurities.

What about letting our skin breathe?

We can do that by wearing less makeup when we can and going without makeup as often as we can. A third personal favorite of mine is to go to bed at night having cleansed my skin and to not do anything else. About once a month, I give my skin a break from the night creams, the serums and oils by simply cleaning my skin and slipping between the sheets with a naked face so that my skin can breathe. It is like a fast for my skin.

I have only read of one other person who recommends this as well. What do you think of that suggestion? Do you think it will work for you? This strategy is not to be used to cut corners. We really do need to be disciplined in taking care of our skin at night. It's used just to let the skin breathe.

What about professional facials?

I’m all for a professional facial to give your skin a really deep cleanse and to deal with extractions. An esthetician can clean your skin and pores in a way that you can’t cleanse yourself. Depending on your skin, you may find a visit even once or twice a year will do the trick.

What about adding a pore cleansing product to your skincare toolbox?

Let me tell you about my go-to Annique product!

I tend to get a breakout in a triangle area on and around my nose primarily from perspiration after exercising. When that happens, I use Annique’s Essense Skin Clear. I love this product for how it cleanses my pores and deals with the breakout quickly, almost overnight. The Essense Skin Clear is a solid way to ensure that you are keeping your pores clean and can be used for preventative maintenance, particularly if you get breakouts often.

Friends, let’s glow!

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