The #4 Skincare Mistake is About Follow Through

Posted by Brenda Smit-James on

Are you sometimes a flake with your skincare routine?

Woman applying Annique night cream

A common mistake we all often make is to not be consistent.

As with so much in life, consistency is key. You don't need a ton of skincare products to have well-cared-for glowing skin, but you do need to use what you have consistently, both morning and evening.

It’s important to make the time to take care of your skin. It's worth it, and you are worth it. Simply be consistent, and your skin will reward you with its glow.

I know that in the past I have been guilty of a number of skincare mistakes such as not exfoliating regularly, of not patting my product into the skin, and of not drinking enough liquids. For me, these mistakes were really the errors of my youth when I thought I would have firm adaptable skin forever. However, as I have aged, I have realized that I can’t take my skin for granted. It not only needs a gentle touch, it needs me to be consistent in caring for it.

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