The #5 Skincare Mistake We Overlook

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Do you know that your digestive health shows on your face?

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Skincare mistake #5 has to do with our gut.

Surprisingly, skincare mistake #5 is that we don't always eat enough greens, or drink sufficient water and Rooibos tea. We think that taking care of our skin is only about the outside. No, it's also about what goes on in the inside. Eating our greens and drinking healthy liquids are equally important to providing our skin cells with what they need to rejuvenate at a cellular level, giving us younger and vital looking skin. 

And while we are talking tummy matters...did you know that there are more neurons in the stomach than there are in the spinal cord?

Don't see your stomach merely as a receptacle of what you put in your mouth. It's not a trash can, it's a highly functioning part of your body and contributes greatly to your well-being. It is also a seat for your emotions.

Listen to what we say about this organ: "I've got butterflies in my stomach", "That's disgusting, it makes me want to gag" and "I just can't stomach that anymore".

And it doesn't stop there. The stomach has an intelligence different from the intelligence of the brain. You know that gut feel? That situation that looks rational and believable when we engage our first brain but not if we listen to our gut feel? That's stomach intelligence. 

So be smart. Eat wisely and listen to your gut, because a healthy gut will be reflected in a healthy glow on your face. 

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