It's a Miracle in a Bottle!

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If you haven't tried it yet, then you must! Of course, it is the Essense Miracle Tissue OilI love this product for how it heals my skin and replenishes my nails.

 Woman with Essense Miracle Tissue Oil

First my skin. I have used the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil regularly as part of my daily skincare routine for years. It is one of the core Annique Rooibos products that gives my skin a healthy youthful glow. But that is not all.

When I do have the occasional breakout, the Miracle Tissue Oil takes care of it and heals my skin, all-in double-quick time. I also use it all over my body to care for my skin and to heal the nicks and scrapes that come from hikes, bites and kitchen scraps with a knife.

Fingernails and toenails. I do like to linger a little in the bath, but the problem is that it dries my nails out, especially my toenails. Again, Essense Miracle Tissue Oil to the rescue!  I wish I had taken pictures, but then again, I think I would be too shy to show you how dry my toenails were. Not anymore! This Miracle Tissue Oil has hydrated my nails, on my feet and my fingers!

If that isn't impressive enough, then here are some photos that others have dared to share!

Essense Miracle Tissue Oil heals skin

 In 7 days the Miracle Tissue Oil took this breakout from horrible to healed! (Photo used with permission from Barefoot Beauty)

Essense Miracle Tissue Oil heals burns

 The Essense Miracle Tissue Oil helped to heal burn scars on this young woman's face in 10 days! (Photo used with permission from Annique Rooibos (Pty) Ltd.)

 Essense Miracle Tissue Oil heals scars

The Essense Miracle Tissue Oil helped heal this terrible scar from cancer surgery in a month. (Photo used with permission from Leslie Grobler, Annique Rooibos Independent Consultant, South Africa)

If all that isn't all enough already, the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil helps to prevent or lighten existing stretch marks. Get a bottle for yourself right here:

Pregnant woman and Essense Miracle Tissue Oil

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