Let's Talk Skincare Portion Control

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Let's talk... portion control. I'm not talking diet, I'm talking skincare product.Moisturizer on finger for portion size

Do you sometimes wonder if you are using too much or too little of your moisturizer or serum? Even knowing how much cleanser to use can have you scratching your head.

Using too much product can cause our pores to block, contributing to breakouts. Too little and our skin isn't going to be hydrated enough. To make this simple, let's talk portion control and fruit size. They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So, let's let these cherries, raspberries, blueberries and pomegranates do the talking.

Diagram of portion sizes for skincare

If you have your portion control sorted but feel that your skin is still not at its best, my other bit of best advice is to be attentive to your skin and listen to what it is telling you.

A happy skin will have no breakouts, look hydrated and radiate a glow. If you start having a breakout, find out what the culprit might be. It may be time to switch to a lighter moisturizer or it may be that your diet is showing up on your skin. It might also be time to introduce an exfoliator and make sure you are cleansing correctly at night.

Speaking of exfoliators, if your skin is looking dull, it's time to remove dead skin cells either by introducing weekly exfoliation or to increase the number of times you are exfoliating per week.

Dryness will require pulling out the big guns for hydration: night cream, masques and a moisture serum. The trick is not to apply more moisturizer or night cream but to apply it more often. Also, make sure that you are disciplined in maintaining a solid skincare routine.

When applying your Annique Rooibos skincare products, use the back of your hand to regulate how much product to use.

How much skin product to use

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