Annique Rooibos Revamps Her Look!

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In case you missed it – life begins (again) at 50, even for Annique. In April Annique turned 50 and is celebrating with a new look and a new logo!

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Where were you in April 1971? Were you even here?

I was a  preschooler, living in a town east of Johannesburg. On those sunny South African autumn mornings, I was still running around my mother's skirts, while in Pretoria, Annique Theron launched her Rooibos skincare and tea business. 

Annique Theron is no longer with us but her business is - and it is growing from strength to strength. To celebrate 50 strong years, Annique is reinventing itself with a fresh new logo and visual identity to emphasize who they are at the core: Rooibos, plain and simple.

Here is a synopsis of Annique's new look:

  • Annique is now Annique Rooibos
  • The new Annique Rooibos logo will be front and center on all the new product packaging
  • Product packaging design will be updated in phases with the new look and logo
  • Annique Rooibos is introducing an innovative ingredient to their skincare products
  • Annique Rooibos is streamlining their environmental impact with new material that is responsibly sourced, uses 33% less plastic, and uses 60% less energy to manufacture.

Watch this short video to discover the inspiration behind Annique's new logo!

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