How to Use Eye Cream the Right Way!

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I know it can be a little confusing sometimes to know the right way to apply eye cream. We don't know how much to use, how often to use it, and where precisely to apply our eye cream around our eyes.

Brenda demonstrating how to use eye cream

Do we apply it directly under the eyes or does it go just on the bone below the eyes? Does it go on the eyelid? Does it go right around the eye?

We’ll get to all those questions. Let’s start with the #1 question I get about the Forever Young Eye Crème.

Why do I need an eye cream? Can't I just use my moisturizer?

The answer is simple.

The area around our eyes and our neck are the two areas where aging first starts to appear. The skin around our eyes is far more delicate than the rest of our face, and so eye creams are specially formulated to target that tender area, giving extra hydration to those fine lines. In that regard it is far more effective than any moisturizer.

How early should I start using an eye cream?

I would recommend that you start the sooner the better. Don't wait until you think you're “old enough” for eye cream. The sooner we start taking care of that tender area the more we will minimize those fine lines.

How much eye cream should I use?

You need just the smallest bead of eye cream. You don’t need a lot of eye cream. Rather apply too little, and have to apply a little more, than have too much and over-saturate the eye. Applying too much eye cream can cause puffiness around the eyes.

Which is the correct finger to use to apply eye cream?

Do you know that there is an optimal finger to use to apply your eye cream? Which is the one that you most commonly use? Very often we think it's the little finger and I used that finger for the longest time. But it's not. It's the neighbor, the ring finger.

The ring finger is the weakest of all our fingers so when we apply our eye cream, the ring finger will automatically apply the least pressure, which is exactly what we're looking for.

Woman showing how much eye cream to use

Once you have your small bead of eye cream on your ring finger, touch it against the ring finger of your other hand, blending the eye cream onto the other finger, and then gently dot it onto the orbital bone below the eye. Follow the orbital bone right around your eye into the eyebrows. You can come down between your eyes and just keep patting around to apply your eye cream.

Click here to see the visual of how to apply your eye cream the right way.

What are the don’ts of applying eye cream?

  • Do not go too close to the eye.
  • Don't go into that area directly below the eye.
  • Don't apply it onto your eyelid.

The eye is warm and so it will draw the eye cream into the eyelid and the skin below the eye. Most of our fine lines are in the crows feet area anyway and so that is the area we most want to target.

Where else can I use my eye cream?

Another area you can use your eye cream is on top of your lip. This is an area where we often get fine lines similar to those around the eye area. Together with the neck and eye area, the lips are one of the areas that start to show aging first. So, when taking care of your eyes, don’t forget to give your lip lines a little love too!

How can I care for tired aching eyes?

When you've got aching eyes, it is terribly tempting to rub them. I learnt this little trick to care for tired eyes after a long trip to South Africa from Vancouver, Canada.

Cup both your hands, cover both eyes, and just hold it there. The darkness will quieten you down but, in particular, the air between your hand and your eye, as you cup it, will get warm and it's a lovely cuddly hug for your eyes. Believe me, it actually does comfort and soothe tired eyes.

There’s absolutely no need to rub your eyes!

How to care for tired eyes

What else can I do to take care of the eye area?

I am a firm believer in loving our skin and taking care of it. I love reaping the benefits of having well cared for skin. But I must confess, I do have lines on my face; my skin isn’t flawless. I think part of our skincare routine is to cultivate a healthy attitude to aging and the lines that will, inevitably, take up residence on our faces.

I love the sage skincare advice attributed to Mark Twain. What would an author have to say about skincare, do you think? It is this,

Wrinkles should merely show where smiles have been.

I think that's good advice to keep in mind when we look in the mirror.

I don't think we should make our faces our whole world. We should rather put our faces in the world and live a life of love and laughter.

I don't think anyone gets to the end of their life thinking, I wish I had looked 10 years younger. I think we get to the end of our lives wishing we had lived more, loved more, and laughed more. So, when you see those fine lines in the mirror may I suggest that we rather receive them, take care of them, and embrace them as evidence of a life well lived.

That, I think, is a far better approach than to hate their presence and do everything in our means to remove them. The more we can laugh at our lines, and at ourselves, the more at home in our skin we will be. And, in turn, the more we will radiate confidence, energy and beauty by simply being who we are.

There isn’t a beauty that can rival a woman who loves being in her skin!

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