How to Love and Live with my Face without Botox

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Watching my YouTube videos, I would see my forehead crinkle up time and time again. What was I to do about my forehead lines? I had never thought about Botox in my life before, but it was now skirting on the periphery of my thoughts.

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It was because of my videos that I realized just how much I use my eyebrows to express myself. I did not realize it was quite as much as it so obviously was. What I thought was being expressive with my eyes was in fact being expressive with my eyebrows, giving me rather pronounced lines across my forehead.

When I look at my reflection at night or in the morning, I am not frowning nor am I lifting my eyebrows. So, I think that my forehead is smooth; I do not actually see what it looks like when I am talking. When I commented on my expressive eyebrow issue with my husband one night, he replied, “Well, that's Brenda!” That left me with a bit of a dilemma. What was I to do about my lines?

For the first time in my life I considered Botox. But instead I decided on three simple ways to live my life without Botox.

The first is attitude.

I decided that I must have an attitude towards my lines that lives what I say, which is to receive them and to love them as part of who I am. Even though I am in the skincare business, I don't know why we are pursuing porcelain skin. I spoke with someone about my forehead lines, my expressive dilemma, and Botox. Her feedback was that our expressions count when we are on camera because our expressions are what people connect with. Viewers do not connect with a porcelain face that does not show any expression. So, I am going with that but with a caveat, we do not have to simply ignore them either.  

We can use a skincare product to help.

I have called on Annique’s Forever Young Bo-Serum to strut its stuff. I am using this product diligently morning and evening, applying the serum to those forehead lines as well as around my mouth and targeting my eye area together with my Forever Young Eye Crème. As it is a serum it goes on before my other Annique products.

The Forever Young Bo-Serum is an alternative to Botox. Like Botox, it softens pronounced lines. The Forever Young Bo-Serum does this by drawing moisture to those lines and holding that moisture thereby softening and plumping up the lines. Like Botox it only works for as long as you use it.

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However, I also realized that as wonderful as the Forever Young Bo-Serum is a product can only go so far. If I am going to continue to be overly expressive with my eyebrows, I am defeating any purpose of using a skincare product alone to remedy the issue.

In my research I discovered face yoga.

Here is a link to a YouTube video from a face yoga expert, Danielle Collins where she gives exercises that help to relax the muscles in our faces whether it be our frown lines, our sagging neck, our jowls or lines around our mouths.

I’ve started an exercise that has me holding my forehead still with one hand which also inhibits the lifting my eyebrows so that I can do exercises with my eyes by widening them. I also do a couple of other exercises that strengthen the muscles around my eyes, so that I can use my eye muscles for expression rather than my eyebrows.

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Those are my three ways of coming to love and live with my face without Botox. Perhaps one of them is an alternative to Botox for you too, if not all of them.

Whichever it is, remember love being in your skin. It really is the crux of it all. If we are going to consider fillers and injectables and not actually be who we are and love being who we are, with or without those enhancements, then we are not gaining anything.

That is my take on it. What is yours?

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