Dehydrated Skin Test for All Skin Types, in One Step

Posted by Brenda Smit-James on

Do you know how to test your skin to find out if it is dehydrated?

Woman looking in mirror

It is quite simple.

Pinch your skin.

If it goes back to the way it was, it is hydrated. However, if you pinch your skin and it stays wrinkly, well then, it is dehydrated.

There is only one way to deal effectively with dehydrated skin and that is to add moisture to the skin by drinking liquids. Now I am not talking about tea, coffee, and alcohol. I am talking about water and my own personal favorite, Rooibos tea. Water and Rooibos tea are the prime ways to deal with dehydrated skin by adding moisture to your skin from within.

Choose your own personal favorite Rooibos teas right here, popping one or three boxes of tea into your shopping cart together with your Annique skincare products.


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