4 Key Skincare Steps to Age Glowingly

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Are you looking to put your best face forward and to age well? Are you wondering which skincare products you should use?  

Annique Rooibos Skin Care Products

If we want to face every day with confidence, then taking care of our skin is a really smart thing to do.  But which products are we to use, how are we to know what we should use? There are so many products out there and so many different options.

I, of course, always recommend Annique. I have been using it for 15 years and my skin just loves it. If your skin loves a skincare line, you will see a difference in your skin. There should be no breakouts or adverse reactions, unless you are using too much product, in which case simply ease up on how much you are applying to your skin. With continued use, you should also start to see a change in the texture of your skin as it becomes more refined; open pores should become less visible and T-zones should settle into a balanced normal skin.

With Annique, there are four key products you should be using as part of your regular skincare routine to achieve that poreless balanced skin I’m talking about. Of course, two of them, the cleanser and moisturiser, are straight forward.

Or are they?

Are you regularly using the cleanser best suited for your skin type to remove your make-up and daily grime at the end of the day? Our Annique cleansers are 2-in-1 cleansers; they are safe to use around your eyes to remove your eye makeup.

Also, only cleanse your skin at night. Over cleansing of our skin affects the pH balance of the skin and can cause problems, such as dryness or even oiliness as our skin over-compensates for being too clean. In the morning, simply wash your face with water under the shower.

Annique Rooibos Moisturisers

Moisturisers are important because they not only add moisture to the skin, but they also help to retain the moisture we already have in our skin. How do we get moisture in our skin? The simplest way, of course, is to drink water and healthy Rooibos tea. So, don't forget, liquids are an integral part of your skincare routine. And do make sure that you are not applying your moisturiser too thickly. That is a sure-fire way to block pores and increase the occurrence of breakouts and blackheads.

Now that we have the cleanser and a moisturiser covered, what are the other two products we should all have?

Pretty much from the age of 30 onwards, a good anti-aging product is key. As our skin matures, we can certainly introduce additional anti-aging skincare products, but the one must-have is Annique’s Forever Young Revitalising Cream. It's has been Annique's key crown product since the company started in the early seventies.  I, personally, love this product for the way that it helps my skin to stay firm.

Once, when my husband and I were travelling back from South Africa, we stopped in New York for a few days to explore the Big Apple. However, I ran out of moisturiser, and I only had my Revitalising Cream left. I still put it on every day, without moisturiser, and I noticed my skin was tight; it got taut. The Revitalising Cream must be applied with a moisturiser or night cream, but it showed me that, hey presto, this product really does firm my skin.

I have used the Revitalising Cream as my staple anti-aging product for 15 years and my skin is so happy that I do. This is our #1 best seller, and has been for many years, for good reason!

The 4th key Annique product we should all use is, sadly, often overlooked.

Again, it is a firm favorite of mine. I have used it consistently for 15 years and it has helped my skin achieve that poreless look many of us covet. Have you guessed which product it is?

It is the Freshener.

Annique Skin Fresheners

The Freshener is Annique’s answer to the toner that is used in other skincare lines. Most of us know to cleanse, tone, moisturise. At Annique we cleanse, we use our Revitalising Cream as an anti-aging product, we moisturise, and we freshen as a last step.

Why do we do that?

We freshen as the last step to balance the pH, to close the pores after our products have soaked into the skin, and to refine the texture of our skin. As we age, one of the issues a lot of us deal with is opening pores. Using a product like an Annique freshener will help to close those pores.

I think that this little dynamo of a product is often overlooked for two reasons. First, people aren’t aware of its potent benefits and, second, they may not know how to use it.

As it's a freshener, you can spray it directly on your face. I tend not to do that. Unlike other people who spray it like a pro, I’m tentative and, as result, I don’t quite know when it’s going to spray. Because I’m dreading the spray, I find that I spray too hard and it splashes on to my skin instead of misting it.

So, I do this. I spray it into one hand, then splash it over both my hands before patting it into my face.

Do you know what it makes me think of, which I love, every time I do it? It makes me think of my father. And why? Because as a young girl, some mornings, I would go into the bathroom when he was getting ready for work and sit on the little bench that my mom and dad had in the bathroom and watch him shave. Then what did he put on? His aftershave. He would splash it in his hands and then pat it on his face, like I do my freshener. Every time I use my freshener, I think of my father, and it just gives me warm bubblies inside.

Do you have a favorite Annique product that also revives fond memories for you?

Are any of them one of these key Annique products?

Do you use all four as part of your Annique skin care routine? If not, I encourage you to add any missing ones to your next order and give them all a go for at least six months and see the difference.

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