3 Simple Skincare Routine Changes for Winter Dry Skin

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Do you know that there are three simple changes you can make to add extra hydration, and combat winter dry skin?

Woman with Annique moisturizer on her face

It is as simple as this:

  1. Consider your moisturizer. Is it rich and hydrating enough to deal with winter dry air?
  2. For deeper hydration, add a moisture serum to your winter skincare routine.
  3. Treat your winter dry skin to regular hydrating facial masks.

I enjoy snowshoeing in winter. I also like to soak in the tub with a good book in these dark winter months. And, inevitably, the heat indoors gets turned up. All three contribute to drying my skin out, so rather than cut out these little winter pleasures, I find these simple skincare routine changes are the perfect solution to winter dry skin.

During winter, why not up your game with your moisturizer. My go to moisturizer is Annique’s Hydrafine Balancing Moisturiser for normal and combination skin. However, in winter, I often find I need a thicker moisturizer to combat the drier air. So, I up my game by switching to Annique’s Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion, which is the lighter of the two moisturizers in Annique’s dry skin line.

There is no reason why you could not do the same.

Check out this table below to see how to switch to a richer moisturize for winter dry skin:

Hydrafine Balancing Moisturiser

Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion

Hydrafine Balancing Moisturiser

Sensitiv Moisturiser

Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion

Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion

Sensitiv Moisturiser

Lucid Ultimate Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Apply it twice. Apply as usual, let it settle, and then apply it again


Remember, the Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin is our big gun in moisturizers as it is thicker and richer than any of the other Annique moisturizers. If you are already using the Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin and you find that your skin needs some extra help, you can always apply your moisturizer twice. Apply it, let it sit for a little while to soak in, and then apply it again. You are then effectively layering your product which is another trick for extra moisture for winter dry skin.

But an even better alternative is to add a moisture serum to your winter skincare routine for deeper hydration. The best serum for winter dry skin is Annique’s Essense Moisture Serum. This serum lives up to its name. It is specifically geared to add extra moisture to the skin, and also to help retain the moisture that is already there. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E which act as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin.

Once you are caring for your winter dry skin with a richer moisturizer and the Essense Moisture Serum, it is time to treat your skin to a facial mask. How often you mask your skin depends on your skin and your environment. Listen to your skin, it will let you know how often it needs extra hydration.

Here are three masks for you to consider.

Both Annique’s Forever Young Youth Restoring Masque and Essense Moisture Masque are cream-based masks that you can leave on overnight for a deep hydrating effect. Both can also be used as regular masks, washing them off after 15 – 20 minutes. The choice is yours.

The bigger question is which one to choose.

It depends on which would benefit you more. Is it deep hydration that you are looking for, or does some anti-aging benefit appeal more to you? If it is hydration then the Essense Moisture Masque is for you; its efficacy is all in its name. If it is that extra bit of anti-aging help, then pop the Forever Young Youth Restoring Masque in your shopping cart.

Woman with an Annique sheet masque on her face

My personal favorite is this third one, Annique’s Forever Young Anti-Photoaging Sheet Masque. This sheet mask is a serum and so, with its smaller molecules, it will penetrate deeper than the cream masks. And with this mask you get the hydrating benefit from hyaluronic acid and vitamin E as well as the anti-photoaging benefit, so it is a win-win. Photoaging is the term used to describe the damage the sun does to the skin.

Pop this easy mask in your shopping cart and then take 20 minutes to relax, enjoying its cool refreshing sensation and rejuvenation. If you are struggling with winter dry skin, you can use a fresh sheet mask two or three times a week. Otherwise, sheet mask your skin every two to three weeks, or even once a month.

Here's a tip: there will be serum left in the sachet, so be sure to use it on your neck, on the back of your hands, and on your forearms. And when you remove the mask, use it as a gentle cloth to apply every last drop to your body.

Optimize hydration and take care of your skin with these simple skincare routine changes for winter dry skin.

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