A tube of Annique's Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion with Rooibos for Dry Skin

Lucid Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion 50ml

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The Lucid Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion is a non-irritating, fast absorbing moisturiser geared at replenishing moisture. The second of the moisturisers for dry skin, it is lighter than that of the Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin.

Women whose skin is dry, but not excessively dry, gravitate to the Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion. Some women move between the two Lucid moisturisers, using the heavy-duty Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin in the dry winter months and the Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion in summer.

The Lucid Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion is enriched with AquaVital to assist with restoring and maintaining moisture and hydration levels. AquaVital is a 100% plant derived active ingredient which facilitates, not only the accumulation, but also the retention of moisture in the skin. 

Application: Press gently onto skin regularly throughout the day. For best results, use in conjunction with Essense Skin Clear and Forever Young Revitalising Cream. Complete your regimen with the HydraRestore Freshener.

Contains AquaVital, Cogon Grass Root extract, and Annique's exclusive extract of Rooibos, a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

Fragrance free

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