A bottle of Annique's Lucid Freshener with Rooibos for Dry Skin

Lucid HydraRestore Freshener 100 ml

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Finish your morning and evening skincare regimen with a splash or spray of freshener to close pores, balance the pH of the skin, and restore health to your skin!

The Lucid HydraRestore Freshener is enriched with anti-ageing Inca Omega Oil and AquaVital to hydrate and freshen dry skin. With regular use, the Freshener balances the skin's pH and improves the texture of dry skin.

Inca Omega Oil is obtained from the seeds of the Plukenetia Volublis plant, native to Peru. Rich in omega-3 and 6, it is known for its moisturising attributes.

AquaVital is a 100% plant derived active ingredient which facilitates, not only the accumulation, but also the retention of moisture in the skin. With consistent use, it will help to create a moisture reservoir in the skin.

Application: Spray over face and neck, mornings and evenings as the last step in your skincare regimen. For especially dehydrated, ageing and dry skin, use as often as possible, spraying the face and neck when discomfort is noticed.

Contains Inca Omega Oil, AquaVital and Annique's exclusive extract of Rooibos, a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

Fragrance free

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