A bottle of Annique's Hydrafine Cleanser with Rooibos for Normal & Combination Skin

Hydrafine Gentle Cleanser 150ml

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A clean skin is a happy skin!

Its attribute is in its name. The Hydrafine Gentle Cleanser is a non-irritating milk cleanser that effectively cuts through layers of makeup, sweat, grease, and pollution from the day and, oh so gently, removes it. This cleanser won't irritate your eyes, so use it to remove your mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow too.

Cleanse the Annique way. Cleanse only once a day, preferably in the evenings, to prevent over-cleansing and to avoid disturbing the skin's delicate pH balance. In the morning, simply freshen your face with water.

The Hydrafine Gentle Cleanser contains MoistBalance to help rebalance skin moisture and Marinematt a unique, pure and natural plankton extract that helps absorb excess oil on the skin surface and reduce shine on the T-panel.

Application: Apply in gentle circular movements to face and neck then rinse with lukewarm Rooibos infused water. Press dry with a clean face towel. Cleanse once a day preferably in the evening. After cleansing apply Essense Skin Clear, Forever Young Revitalising Cream and Hydrafine Replenishing Night Cream, followed by the Hydrafine Skin Refining Freshener.

Contains Plankton extract and Annique's exclusive extract of green Rooibos, a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

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