Forever Young Return Youth 30ml

Forever Young Return Youth 30ml

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Did you know that 80% of skin aging is related to sun exposure? Sun exposure radically accelerates and compounds the natural aging process. Forever Young Return Youth is designed to turn back the clock with inclusion of Bio-Retinol.

Retinol is praised for its anti-aging benefits as it boosts collagen production, increases the speed of cell turnover, and unclogs pores. Bio-Retinol is plant derived from the burr-marigold, and so it does not have any of the possible skin sensitivity side-effects of Retinol. We like that!

Bio-Retinol aids in the reduction of fine lines and skin roughness. It redensifies the skin, reducing sagging and firming the skin. Returnyouth also contains Tomato extract, Rooibos-infused oil, and VNA 10+ the highly effective plant extract that improves skin elasticity, and moisture content.

Application: Press onto face and neck area, twice a day, after cleansing. For best results use with the Essense Skin Clear, the Forever Young Revitalising Cream and the moisturiser best suited to your skin. Use in conjunction with a sunscreen to prevent further UV damage and aging.

Read our blog post, Help! Which Product Goes First? to learn two rules of thumb to help with knowing how to layer your Annique products.

Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Tomato extract, VNA10+, and Rooibos-infused oil, a powerful natural anti-oxidant.

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