A bar of Annique's Synergy Soap Bar with Rooibos for Oily Skin

Synergy Cleansing Soap Bar 125g

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A clean skin is a happy skin!

The Synergy Cleansing Soap Bar is a glycerine-rich facial bar. It is a gentle yet effective cleansing soap bar, suitable for oily and problem skin. It removes excess oil and rinses clean without leaving residue that may clog pores. It will not dry out the skin.

As tempting as it is to continually clean oily and problem skin, be careful not to over-cleanse. Over-cleansing can upset the pH balance of your skin and also increase oil production in the skin, making the skin even oilier. 

If you skin needs cleansing morning and evening, I suggest using one of the Synergy cleansers at night when the skin most needs cleansing from the day's impurities and oil build-up.

In the morning, I recommended cleansing with a milder cleanser like the Face Facts Crystal Clear Cleanser, the Essense Enzymatic Exfoliator, or the Essense Crème Exfoliator. This will help you to not over-cleanse and strip too much oil from the skin.

The Synergy Cleansing Soap Bar contains anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin calming Witch Hazel to help cleanse skin of oil and impurities, allowing it to look and feel refreshed. It also contains Annique's exclusive extract of Green Rooibos, a powerful anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-oxidant to soothe problem skin.

Application: Lather soap and apply to wet skin with gentle circular movements, then rinse with lukewarm Rooibos infused water. Cleanse once a day, preferably in the evenings. After cleansing, apply the Essense Skin Clear, the Forever Young Revitalising Cream, and the Even Skin Moisturiser. Complete your regimen with the Clear Complexion Freshener.

Contains Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, and Annique’s exclusive extract of Green Rooibos, a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural anti-oxidant.

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