Annique's 24K Gold Gold Beauty Bar for Skin Firming and Anti-Ageing

Annique 24K Gold Beauty Bar, Anti-Aging Device

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Simply L.O.V.E this device!

I use it morning and evening. I make sure that its high-frequency micro-vibrations do their magic on my neck, jawline, cheeks, around my eyes and across my forehead. 

This advanced anti-ageing device contours my skin by lifting and firming it. Its vibrations help with lymphatic drainage, thereby assisting detoxification. It's a light facial massage that helps to keep the skin fit, firm and healthy. It is an ideal little tool to add to our after-40 and after 50 skincare kit.

It's small, light-weight, battery-operated, and quick and easy to use. It fits into my travel bag taking care of my skin when I am away from home.

All it takes is 3 minutes a day for this little Beauty to work its magic. See it lift, firm and rejuvenate your skin as it stimulates collagen production, minimises enlarged pores, and increases the efficacy of the absorption of your Annique products. You won't be sorry!

Directions: Use this multi-function beauty device in an upwards direction. Guide the device gently starting at the base of the neck, move around the jawline, and across the face and forehead. Don't forget to include your hands.

The 24K Gold Beauty Bar makes use of one AA battery.

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